Account Receivables Acumatica Jorge QuinteroThe Accounts Receivable (AR) module allows companies to manage receivables and automate the tasks of invoicing customers and collecting payments. There are several time-saving features such as defaulting of customer information on entry, automatic tax computation, commission calculation, discounts, and due dates calculation. Report and inquiry screens allow you to monitor customer balances, credit limits, pending documents, check aging buckets, and view other customer-related information.

The Accounts Receivable module provides all the functionality required for effective management of receivables and automation of customer invoicing and payment collection. With multiple time-saving automation features—such as default customer information on data entry and automatic calculation of taxes, salesperson commissions, discounts, and due dates—the Accounts Receivable module helps you streamline the entire receivable process and reduce input error rates. Reports and inquiries allow you to accomplish the following:

The Accounts Receivable module also provides such advanced features as support of recurring invoices, printing of customer statements and dunning letters or sending them by email, and adjustment of customer balances through write-offs.

The Accounts Receivable module is tightly integrated with General Ledger, Cash Management, Currency Management, Purchase Orders, Inventory, and other system modules.


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