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The emphasis on cloud computing in the market today has been on deployment to the cloud to reduce costs. At Stratus Global Network and Acumatica we view the cloud as an opportunity to re-imagine business applications that deliver rich experiences with services, information, and capabilities from cloud and on-premises solutions in ways that today are too costly or impractical. To deliver the innovation that enables new business scenarios we intend to extend the integration available today with Acumatica Cloud ERP’s leading business and productivity applications, including CRM Online, including connectors with Salesforce, and other Cloud Industry specific applications.

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Adoption of software as a service. SaaS is an appealing alternative to traditional on-premise systems. The initial investment is lower, the implementation can be quicker, the user interface is familiar (it runs in a Web browser), and companies don’t need full-time IT staff to maintain servers and hardware. Most ERP vendors now offer—or have plans to offer—some kind of Web-based option.

Mobile app development. Vendors have responded to rapid growth in smartphone adoption by developing mobile interfaces for their ERP software systems. For example, Oracle already has a mobile client, so do SAP and Epicor.

Social media integration. Although very much in its infancy, many ERP companies are developing social media tools to keep abreast of the bigger trend playing out. Internal tools are being developed to foster greater collaboration among employees, while integration betwen ERP programs and outside networks such as Facebook and Twitter is also taking place.

Acumatica + Amazon integration. Internal connector has been developed to foster greater collaboration among Customers, Inventory, Quantities, Prices, Orders, Invoices and Shipments from Amazon, updating Acumatica and Amazon concurrently.

Jorge Quintero Conector Acumatica + Amazon
Stratus-Global Network integration Acumatica with Amazon

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