Acumatica Solutions Accounts PayableThe Accounts Payable (AP) module allows companies to efficiently manage liabilities for purchased or received goods and services. This module accumulates, stores, and organizes vendor information and documents to automate the payment process. Transactions can be entered quickly and accurately with automatic population of default vendor information and accounts, automated calculation of taxes, flexible payment schedules, cash discounts, and more. Comprehensive reports and inquiry screens provide a complete overview of current AP state and analysis of historical vendor performance.

The Accounts Payable module provides the functionality required to efficiently manage your company’s liabilities to vendors for purchased or received goods and services. With this module, you can accumulate, store, and organize vendor information and documents. The Accounts Payable module makes data entry fast and efficient for users, with automatic filling out of form elements with default vendor information and automatic calculation of taxes, document due dates, and cash discounts.

The Accounts Payable module provides flexible payment options. It lets you manage multiple installments, prepayments, and credit and debit adjustments. Its set of comprehensive reports and inquiries, with extensive drill-down capabilities, gives you full visibility to the current state of Accounts Payable and historical vendor performance.

The Accounts Payable module is integrated with other modules, including General Ledger, Cash Management, Currency Management, Purchase Orders, and Inventory.


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