Acumatica Solutions Employee PortalThe (EP) module allows companies to automate the process of entering timesheets, submitted expense claims, and assigning work. The EP module works with Accounts Payable for expense payments to employees and with Accounts Receivable for time and expense billing to clients. Centralized task management allows everybody in your organization to create, assign, and manage tasks within the guidelines of your business policies

Time and Expenses

By using the Time and Expenses module, companies can automate time tracking and management by using time cards and expense claims, as well as use robust approval procedures for controlling time tracking and reporting. Your company can use the company tree and assignment maps to specify the hierarchy of workgroups that are involved in document approval processes and escalation routes and set up rules to assign work items for processing and documents for approval to the correct users and workgroups.

The Time and Expenses module integrates tightly with Projects, also with Accounts Payable for reimbursing employee expenses, and with Accounts Receivable, for billing labor and expenses to customers.


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