Industries - Financial ServicesTechnological innovations ranging from smartphones to Big Data analytics to cloud computing make it easier than ever for new challengers. Especially those unburdened by legacy systems to gain access to high quality market information and mass distribution. New services can quickly go from trial to large-scale rollout and massive adoption. The industries most susceptible are those selling information-based services that can be delivered digitally and perfect example are the Finance and Insurance Industry.

Our solutions is your gateway into the world of the Cloud-based finance. Our API-driven platform expands your product set, increases your speed to market, improves revenue, and all at the lowest possible cost. This battle-tested and superior technology provided by Acumatica, reduces operational and market risk, enhances transparency, while maintaining a panoramic business perspective with detailed information accessible anywhere, anytime, any device on 24/7.

This will be a complete and cost effective platform for managing prime finance and insurance information from your clients with our Financial Suite, CRM and Customer Portal.

Using Acumatica ERP Cloud-based and managed entirely off site, the ERP as your integral cloud-based solution means you dong have to make expensive upfront investments in IT hardware and severs, nor worry about dedicating significant personnel resources to managing it. In addition, cloud-based implementations are usually much faster and easier to deploy than on site deployments, and maintenance is much easier since the cloud-based ERP is responsible for keeping the technology up to date. Most importantly, with cloud technology, product enhancements are painless, customizations and integration automatically update with systems upgrades, so you can always be assured that your business is running with the most advanced capabilities.

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