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ERP and CRM Integration in the Cloud

Acumatica cloud ERP integrated with CRM functionality is one of the most affordable and efficient business solutions a small organization can get to automate processes, systemize activities, identify new business opportunities, and manage the relationship with customers. By incorporating CRM in ERP, Acumatica connects a series of critical applications in a single system, minimizing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.

In the absence of this system, employees would have to complete many tedious, often error-prone, manual tasks that slow down processes and add to operational costs. For example, your sales personnel will need to enter new customer information manually into the CRM module and then email it to the accounting team. Someone in accounting must collect data and then enter it – again, manually – into the ERP system.

Acumatica cloud ERP focuses on many other areas, including identification of new markets and customers, lead conversion, and back-end order fulfillment. the last three elements are linked to business growth: the faster prospects turn into leads, and leads into customers, the sooner orders are shipped and more products are sold within the same timeframe, which usually results in higher profit margins. Thus, a small company using Acumatica has great chances to get more business and compete more efficiently in the marketplace.

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