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Acumatica provides web-based customization tools as well as fully documented APID and SDK Customizations are managed separately from core business logic so they are not impacted by system upgrades.


Fully customizable for SaaS and license
Acumatica provides full customization capabilities for SaaS and on premise licensing. Customizations can be moved between SaaS and on premise deployments.

Visual, business logic and database customizations.
Web-based customizations tools allow to change the appearance of screens, add/modify business logic and add fields to the database.

Localized Deployments
Localization tools allows the system to create language files, enable different currency symbols and customize field formats for international offices or employees.

Integrate with other systems
Utilize a web services API to integrate external systems. Imported data is validated by system-wide business logic. Exported data is delivered according to system-wide security policies.

Protect your investment
Acumatica’s software development kit allows a development to create custom modules to match your changing business needs. The SDK is used to create and maintain all existing modules in Acumatica.

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