Many companies now find themselves unable to upgrade to their provider’s most recent software version, which can contain everything from bug fixes to completely new features. Not being able to act on “new market trends”, keeps many organizations from competing as well as they could.

Acumatica Cloud ERP System Acumatica cloud ERP

The latest systems on the market have so much new functionality and technology advances that it is impossible to try to compare them to a four-year-old system.

Cloud ERP systems have improved collaboration tools, and don’t “silo” data within the singular system. By enabling the sharing of data, the organizations and its partners can get on the phone and work together.  These collaborations also enable deeper integration between systems — another critical feature within new versions of many major ERP systems. With organizations operating on ERP software, the importance of allowing data to be shared from one database to another cannot be overstated.  Each of those systems are “useless” unless they receive and offer data to and from each other, and by making those connections, corporations can avoid many of the common misunderstandings between the office and the operations, or between one company and its suppliers.

Integrating and collaborating will allow for timely and accurate information sharing that will create faster turnaround for solutions and avoid mistakes due to delays and incorrect information transfer. E-commerce plays a role in all of this as well, new technology allows companies to build e-commerce solutions to drive sales up and reduce order entry costs as well as expand their sales coverage footprint.

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