Acumatica Solutions Tax ManagementThe Tax Management (TX) module provides centralized tax configuration, management, and reporting. The TX module stores system taxation settings and provides tax audit and tax reporting functionality. Taxation settings are used across the system to provide accurate and consistent collection of tax information. Tax audit and reporting functionality provide users with functions required for preparing reports for Tax Agencies and preparing supporting documents required for tax audit and filing.

The Taxes module of Acumatica ERP stores the definitions of taxes, tax categories, and tax zones that are used across the system for automatic tax calculation for every document and transaction. The Taxes module provides tax reporting functionality flexible enough for setting up goods and services taxes (GSTs), value-added taxes (VATs), and sales and use taxes in any modification. Also, you can configure various types of taxes that are reported but not paid. With the Taxes module, your company is ensured accurate,t consistent collection of information for proper tax filing.

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