Industries - Hospitality IndustryTraditional business application have always been complex and expensive. The amount and variety of hardware and software required to run them are discouraging.

Acumatica cloud-based ERP systems is already changing the way things work in the hospitality industry. Some of the advantage of using Acumatica is that it delivers faster time-to-value, requires minimal up=front capital expense, minimizes operational costs and saves on human resource. Also, there is heavy scope of return on investment (ROI), since the subscription charges for the cloud technology brought to you by Acumatica is much lesser than the investment required for in-house technology such as hardware, software, licensing, office space, racks, annual maintenance contracts, electricity, manpower and others.

With the Acumatica ERP cloud based you don’t have limitations in accessing your property management system and POS (Point of Sales) system reducing all the challenges with regards to accessibility of any system as most of the ERP is cloud based and can be easily accessed through tablets and smartphones. E.g. Front Desk team can take “check-in/check-out at any place in lobby whereas restaurant stewards can take and punch orders on guest table itself. And most important for management is operation runs in less manpower with great guest satisfaction which all hotel management wants.

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