Applications - FlexAbility Data CollectionsMinimize safety stock levels, improve back order conditions and inventory accuracy, and reduce the time needed to conduct physical inventory counts through automating the inventory management process.

Faster input of data, back order notifications, bar code label generation and lot/serial input all contribute to a more efficient supply chain execution.

Our versatile, automated data collection solution is designed to integrate seamlessly into the Acumatica and JAAS Advanced Manufacturing (JAMS) suite of business applications. It manages and tracks the movement of inventory from receiving and labeling through to picking and shipment. Using wireless communications and barcode technology, FlexAbility provides updates to inventory, purchasing, production, order management, payroll, project and production labor applications.

With product verification, shop floor managers can significantly reduce inventory and shipping errors, resulting in improved customer service.

With an automated picking process, employees simply scan in customer orders to quickly identify and locate inventory items to ensure an efficient and accurate shipping process.

About Coalition Computing Coalition

Founded as a consulting and programming services company in 1993, Coalition Computing Corporation has a team of experienced employees dedicated to providing complete technological solutions to businesses throughout the United States.

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