Applications - AcuShipBy adding AcuShip to your existing Acumatica system you’ll gain automatic, two-way communication between your Acumatica software and WorldShip®. That means that you can initiate WorldShip® shipments right from inside Acumatica. AcuShip will also automatically import WorldShip® information into Acumatica such as weight, costs, and tracking numbers. AcuShip connects Acumatica to UPS Worldship® and helps companies who are utilizing both systems to dramatically increase efficiency by greatly reducing manual entry and potential for errors.

Key Features * Integration between Acumatica and UPS WorldShip® for both Small packages and Freight * Automatically export/import shipments on a scheduled basis * Will bring Shipping Address, Name, Shipping method and other fields into UPS WorldShip® * Will bring back to Acumatica important data such as shipping costs, weight, and tracking numbers * Can be installed on multiple workstations where UPS WorldShip® is installed * Easy-to-use configuration screen * Monitor detailed export/import activity from inside Acumatica * Confirm shipments in Acumatica automatically

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