Growing companies often find they need more sophisticated features that are not offered by QuickBooks. QuickBooks does not support serial number tracking, multiple warehouse locations, or customer-specific pricing.

Outgrowing QuickBook

If your organization is rapidly expanding, QuickBooks provides a nice assortment of features that cater to the needs of smaller businesses, however, you will eventually outgrow the QuickBooks feature set and database performance.

It has been widely documented by Intuit that after a certain number of transactions, the product’s performance declines. Ultimately, as a company’s number of transactions continues to increase, QuickBooks’ performance will decline.

You know you are beginning to outgrow QuickBooks when you notice unacceptable menu and screen delays occurring as you navigate through the product in addition to the reports begin taking a longer amount of time to print.

While the software now supports multi-company consolidations, some organizations outstrip its capabilities for divisional or departmental accounting. Others become public companies and need better support for compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements.

If you want to improve security and accounting controls, it is time to consider Acumatica as your choice to upgrade your ERP System.

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